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Feed your mind, body and soul with one of our well-being travel trip. Feel the aaaahhhh in spa!

Wellness is synonyms when planning a vacation to Europe with with its long history of travel for preventive and therapeutic purposes.  Several wellness vacationers like yourself are flocking to places in Italy, France, Portugal and Switzerland to take in the water treatments and ancient healing rituals that local Europeans have known for centuries.  In the wellness community, detox is a way to rid yourself of unwanted impurities.  Among these European destinations, you’ll be able to detox from the outside in.  The digital age has us on overload with smartphones, computers, televisions and social media 24/7.  These absolutely divine destinations will provide you with the opportunity to digitally detox to experience a mindful wellness trip.  The hotels and resorts we offer provide several spa treatments and fitness classes, as well as outdoor adventure activities to take in the areas natural beauty, but wellness travelers want to experience the culture, too.  We’ve come up with itineraries and destination stays to fit your European travel needs.  Peruse through our offerings to find one that matches your wellness appetite and if not, we’ll personalize a wellness package just for you.

The Caribbean offers warm tropical breezes with a European culture and flare. A favorite for many wellness travelers during the late fall and into early spring. Enjoy one of the many all-inclusive options, which include water activities and fitness classes or let us put together a luxurious villa or hotel for you.  We’ll add in spa treatments, our local favorite restaurants and activities to give you that personal attention, and worry free wellness vacation where you only think about your health and well-being.   For centuries, the Caribbean Islands have become a sanctuary.  The water is known for releasing physical and emotional tensions in the body.  The Caribbean culture and spa experience balances Eastern and Western wellness practices for an active, fun-filled beach vacation.  The luxury resort spas offer various included spa features and intimate infused cultural contact that enrich your natural spirit.  Discover for yourself the blissful benefits of the Caribbean.  

Our North American destinations are great options for a weekend getaway with the girls, some me time or a family outing.  While travel opens your heart and mind to the world, a wellness vacation close to home takes you to a journey within.  You may open the mind, body and spirit through meditation surrounded by serene settings like walking mindfully through the forest to gazing intently at the mountaintops.  A getaway with intention refuels your well-being and helps you walk away from the daily grind and distractions of life.  The time away helps to center yourself and life purpose.  Whether you are traveling alone for personal alignment, with a group of friends to forge memories or with someone special to create a stronger bond, these resorts offer the time to empower your true self and your relationships.  The places and itineraries are designed to enhance qualify of life and bring you to an optimum level of well-being.  They are elite spa destinations for those of you seeking authentic, place-based experiences.

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